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I bought a secondhand Dell 1503FP LCD monitor ...

No Power Supply or Stand!...... How to Solve the stand problem?: Buy another stand!

Adapting one TFT or LCD Stand to fit a DIFFERENT Monitor

The stand I bought (one for a Dell 15" TFT Monitor E152/E153) had holes 100mm apart at the top and 30mm apart at the bottom seperated by 100mm (see below right)

HOPEFULLY the stand would use bolts through HOLES, the monitor will has CAPTIVE NUTS you can bolt into

The Dell 1530 needed 4mm holes @ 75mm spacing in a square (see below)! how to convert one to the other?

Cut a square of 5mm thick PVC that damps vibration and easy to work with woodcutting tools (see below), the bolts are in shear/compression not tension so the PVC should bee more than adequate

PRECISELY MARK OUT YOUR PVC BLOCK (note the slot to clear the top tabs)

Drill four holes to fit the alignment needed for the monitor (inner ones above)

Drill four holes to fit the alignment needed for the stand (outer ones above)


now check to see what the effect of the heads of the countersdunk bolts will be if they rub on the stand or monitor.... use tape to cover them or countersink them.. the PVC provides a nice amount of friction against the tightening of the nuts to the stand side as the end of the bolts is BEHIND the adaptor..... UNLESS you do them up first of course!

On the stand, the bolts into the monitor encounter the metal backplate of the standd so only HIDDEN damage could occur (note the tape below protecting the back of the monitor from damage by the plate to stand bolts)


Checking for horizontal alignment and making sure the BOLTS INTO THE MONITOR are not too deep, gently tighten up the bolts**

Then with the bolts for the stand already in place, offer the monitor up to the stand** and tighten the nuts you place on the bolts**

Note above right thee left hand top bolt is angled... it twisted as I tried to fit the monitor on the stand, I just drilled the top left corner of the hole out a bit!

**Now at this point two things can go wrong:

#1 the bolts start to twist to one side as they are not in line with the hole they are aimed for....
#2 the things line up ok, the bolts do up BUT The monitor is slanted off horizontal

HERE IS WHY 5mm PVC and not TITANIUM ALLOY is used for the adaptor plate .... see which way the bolt has to move to line up ok, remove the adaptor plate and relieve the bolt hole to move it in the right direction.....

All this is pretty damn obvious stuff but it does help to see it done elsewhere.....


#1 Check the stand is for a monitor with the mountings in a similar place (ie. central or bottom edge)


#2 check you are buying a stand for a TFT or LCD of the same size otherwise it might not be at the right height!!!

DISCLAMER: I think what I have done is OK for MY needs, I don't know YOURS so, it is up to you to decide whether WHAT YOU DO IS OK and if that is the same as I did then the time taken to put this page up was not wasted.....

[Added by FB 14th January 2006]

Please let me know if this helped

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