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Baby proof / toddler proofing your CD collection

OK, this works for us but it might not work for you - we have softwood shelving and a gluegun!!!!

Measure the vertical gap between the shelves where your CDs are notionally stacked BEFORE your little darling starts to catalogue them and reduce the CDs to a pile of covers partially intact cases and new coasters....

This vertical gap is critical...... go and find some wooden section that can sit on the shelf in front of the CDs to reduce the vertical gap to a bit less than the height of a CD ( try a DIY store, we got this from B&Q in the UK)

If the section does it trick the CDs will not be able to be simply pulled out (see Figure 1), you might have to move adjustable shelving up or down to allow a section to do its work OR take a sliver off of the section....

THIS WILL NOT WORK if your shelves are crammed full, it should work if there is a bit of space at one end so you can shuffle the collection left or right.

IMPORTANT: Before you glue the section down, make sure you can extract your CDS by moving them sideways ( see Figure 3)

While the glue gun is on, why not glue a strip behind the CDS to stop them moving backwards, I st the gap at the CD box depth PLUS the CD box thickness (see lighter wood in Figure 2)

You will now have a CD collection (see Figure 4) with a passing chance of not being archived by someone who doesn't know that "Dead Can't Dance" doesn't go next to "Janes Addiction" or tha "Passion Play" was recorded AFTER "Warchild" to it goes to the right of it!!!!

IMPORTANT: especially on porous surfces GLUEGUN glue can leave marks (or lift the surface off) if you subsequently remove the wood strip.... we don't really give a shit a thisstage as 5% of my waking hours was spent restacking CD

Figure 1: section in place restricts the vertical gap to stop CDs being pulled off the shelf


Figure 2: section hot glued in place along with rear retaining strip to stop CDs disappearing backwards in the deep shelving

Figure 3: removing CDs when the section is in place - shelves CANNOT be fully filled becuse you will not be able to pull out the CDs

Figure 4: section in place - CD collection in place - instant Karma



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