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Motherboard Identified - PCChips Socket 370 Intel P3 Pentium 3 E206922 Ps-1

I Have been trying to trace this Socket 370 (Pentium 3) motherboard marked E206922 PS-1 beneath the PC1 slots

The board has an intel pentium 700Mhz sl4p8

After hours of googling it appears to be a PChips Board !!!!!


This whole "E206922 PS-1" subject has generated a lot of interest The interesting bit of the PCChips site is here:

At the bottom it lists legacy Socket 7 / Socket 370 (Intel P3) motherboards

M587LMR / M586LMR / M598LMR / M599LMR / M700MR / M726MRT / M754LMR / M755MR / M756RT V5.3 / M756LMRT+ / M757LMRT / M758MR / M758LT V7.0 / M758LRT V5.1 / M766LMRT / M768MR / M771LMR / M779MR / M780 / M786C V1.2 / M787CLMR / M787CL+ V3.0A / M790MR

Working through these photos (grabbed from the site) it appears my board is a 754 LMR (the photo names sort of correspond to the motherboard model! [View the same set of pictures as a slideshow HERE]

to get info like

drivers/manuals etc on these older motherboards go here:

Here I got all the software I needed for the mystery board!!!

Enough? [contact me if this helped you ]

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