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How to Create a webcam for (almost) free

How to make a webcam (IP Camera or security camera) that you can view over the net... for (almost) free.


First you need a redundant Android-based mobile phone that you can use to access the
wireless network you want to use the webcam on....

Set it up to access your wireless network then use the web access to install IP Webcam via Google Play:

Now fire up IP Webcam and make a note of the full address and port number to access your device as a web camera.......


IP address:

Port number: 8080

media option: video

.. remember there is an audio option to disable as you like (and a few other settings to explore)

Now download VLC Media Player for the platform you are interested in watching the camera over:


Enter the full address for your new IP Camera into VLC to check you can at least access your camera over your internal network, the IP address flashes up on the screen for a moment......


Now we get a wee bit more complicated: you need to access the setup pages of your internet router, the device between the wires that deliver your internet service into your home (the wires you DON'T own) and the wires/wireless that you DO own

Firstly follow the instructions for logging in to your router/modem ( if the password is admin or password or something equally guessable change it!), when you have logged in, find the screen to assign a device to the DMZ and enter the IP of your camera. You have now opened up a line from outside THROUGH YOUR FIREWALL to your camera/device - you have also kept the rest of your network safely BEHIND your firewall

I needed to do nothing else to make my camera "accessible", you might have more to do as a result of the kind of router you are using and/or the way your internet connection is set up and/or how youe security is configured.

SADLY I can't offer any technical advice with respect to how to get this far, all I can say is that I have a fixed IP broadband account with PLUSNET in the UK and have a Technicolor TG582n modem/router

Now you need to find out what the IP of your router is to enable you to access the IP camera from outside. This bit is really simply, just google "what is my IP" and the google page will tell you just that....

e.g. (anonymised that bit)

Now take the part of the IP address for your webcam that IP Webcam added AFTER the colon ":" e.g. 8080/video and tack that on to the external IP thus:

now enter this in VLC in the same way......

... if you can see the same image as for the earlier internal IP... job done! anyone anywhere should be able to see the same view as you.........

REMEMBER: if you do not have a FIXED IP arrangement for your broadband (i.e. it is always the same between days or connection sessions), the external IP will change when your reconnect.

AND.... If you can't access your webcam over your network, the chances are you won't see it from outside

Enough? [please contact me if this helped you ]

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