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Inserting Sequential (a sequence of) Numbers Into a Series (Set) of Photos (Images) using Irfanview

I take a lot of photos for work, mainly of exciting things like roundabouts and cracks in the road (pavement) and sometimes a combination of the two.

Now my photo sequences are so mind-numbingly tedious and each photo so similar to the other, that I have to resort to external means to enable the equally comatose recipients of my art to descriminate between them.

Before we go much further, I will assume the following

FIRST: You have downloaded IRFANVIEW from one of the many sites hosting it AND you have made a donation if you are using it for commercial use and/or you find it useful!

SECOND: You have placed a copy of your pictures sufficiently far away from a working directory to enable you to reload them when you screw up

So... in order to insert a nice big number in the bottom left corner of each photo.....

The source photos are in a folder and you have created a sub-folder to use as the target directory to send the modifed files to... thus:

THIRD: Use Batch rename to pre-pend a number to the front of each filename, in this case three digits starting at 001

FOURTH: Now use Batch conversion to insert a portion of the prepended filename into the image as a nice bold chunk of text, I like to see a two digit number in the bottom left of the picture with a leading zero for 1 through to 9 thus 01, 02,.....09.10 etc

The "add overlay" window dictates the size and location of the inserted text, in this case two digits from the filenames you just created, the size of these digits will be proportional to the size of the target images, choose variations on $N[0-2] to extract fewer digits or at a different offset

You will need to find the best standard setup for the size of photos you are handling, in my case the settings below for my 4224 x 3168 Nikon images hits the mark, if you have larger or smaller images you will need to adjust accordingly

Struggling?: offline help does exist, either hit the OPTIONS box to the right of "batch rename settings" and/or the HELP box below the Text box in the "Add overlay text to image"

You might even consider using ORANGE text to be as conspicuous as the date/time inserts placed by the camera, but I like this, ENJOY!

If you find this page useful let me know!

Enough? [contact me if this helped you ]

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