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The NetGear SC101 sucks the devils cock....

My Netgear SC101 refused to reveal its drives after successful identification and attachment

Tried reinstalling the software, unistalling the devices ..... no joy

Windows kicked up errors about one of the disks not being assigned a dirve letter... W.T.F?

The drives popped in and out of existance in the Computer Management / Disc Management Windows as unassigned drives (Windows cannot format these babies in the SC101! )

I set Universal Plug and Play to NO in the motherboard bios (ASUS P4S800D) and.....

Problem disappeared and the SC101 Drives re-appears!!!!!

The whole system seems to have speeded up too!!!!!

I & J below as you can see get "seen" by windows but windows can detect the format :(

The SC101 device truly sucks the devils cock..... you don't buy one and SOMEONE find me a S.A.N. to hold two 3 1/2" PATA drives that actually work like a real mirrored RAID Array using NTFS where both discs can be read independently out of the toaster!!!!

#1 The SC101 uses its own format and mirrors that fail can't be rebuilt like real RAID and you can't read the drives outside of the box either !!!!!

#2 the fact these drives are seen as attached drives means they get scanned when you launch "Add - Remove programs" so populating that screen takes an age with 2 x 250GB drives in the "Toaster"

#2 It's called a toaster because it looks like one AND it can toast your data too!!!!

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