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Nikon Coolpix P6000 lens cover fault & possible fix

My beloved Niko Coolpix P6000 developed what I thought was a terminal fault. Remaining fully operational, the lens cover only opened partially. Repeated opening and closing only resulted in the same partial opening.

I downloaded a copy of the Nikon P6000 Service Manual and soon discovered that any mechanical modifications to the lens mechanism would involve removing the contents of the chassis to then pull the lens unit out of the chassis, before any examination of the faulty lens mechanism! So I decided to glue the thing up!

I decided to fashion a wooden strut with a scoop to hold the lens cover open with minimum chance of damaging the lens surface, this would be to allow me to drip some epoxy adhesive (Araldite) into either side of the lens cover mechanism in order to glue it open, firstly into the UPPER half of the mechanism (with the camera inverted) and secondly into the LOWER half of the mechanism. I belive the focussing and zooming mechanisms are located away from the cover mechanism.


HOWEVER, in turning the camera on and off repeatedly with the lens cover so held open, something (unknown) happened and the lens cover then started to work as normal, the only residual symptom being a more noisy mechanism (2013-March-13)

Should the problem re-occur I will update the page with the glueing based solution!


Page updated: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 9:17 PM

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