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Outwell Montana 6P 2011 / Montana Six 2011 porch shape / porch poles / porch alignment problem

We have a misalignment of the porch (see photos below)

Email from Outwell: after I sent them these photos:

Dear John,

Thank you very much for your email and interest in Outwell.

It seems as if you are to blame as the tent seems to be correctly built on our part, that is why we would like one of our dealers to take a closer look.

We hope you enjoy your Outwell vacation! Please feel free to visit us on facebook :)

Yours sincerely / Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Med venlig hilsen

Dennis Lorenzen

So taking some photos in to where we bought it from in July 2011 (Go Outdoors in Southampton UK) both the assistant manager and the saleswoman thought they recognised the problem and said that in Summer 2011 Outwell had identified a technical problem with the supplied poles for the porch being too big, he fetched some shorter replacement poles off the shelf!

HOWEVER the two setsof pole are THE SAME

I will update this as we get it sorted

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