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Disable Engine Immobiliser on Rover 400 Series / Engine immobilisation override

When the push button central locking started to play up on my old Rover 400 series it was obvious that I needed to deactivate the engine immobiliser until I got hold of a new keyfob ......since the car could be locked/unlocked with the key BUT the immobiliser was active as the car had been locked with the push button!

The instruction manual starts that the imobiliser can be isolated using a sequence of clicks of the drivers door lock so I needed to do this

#1 the code you need is NOT the four digit number on the pressed metal tag on your ignition keys, this is the key number ( without it if you lose all your keys you will need new locks as it is the ONLY record of the key number to order replacements EXCEPT....

The Rover Security Card in the plastic folder you got with the car, this has your key number "Key No" to order more keys AND for this task most importantly the key access code ( marked red below)

You use this code number with these instructions remembering that after 3 unsuccessful goes you have to wait for 10 minutes!

The immobiliser will stay isolated and you will be able to simply lock and unlock using the drivers side lock UNTIL the car is next locked or unlocked with the push button keyfob!

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