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Scottish Power Home Comfort / ScottishPower HomeComfort CRAP customer care!

I am lucky (or unlucky) enough to have free central heating cover with my fixed price energy deal with SCOTTISHPOWER... HomeComfort BoilerCare Now remember they have this strapline "There when you need us"....

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#5 FINALLY Updated 08-October-2013 : Top

13:25 BINGO! SORTED! Ten minutes and the system is fixed, no need for a new pressure sensor, simply some configuration changes to the main circuit board as a result of the new display board having been fitted: Glow Worm did not include this essential information in their literature!

Our appointment, as booked in front of me on Saturday, had got lost in their shit appointment management system

12:00 told it will be early afternoon! (1pm ish? I rang them!) ScottishPower use this company for their boiler repair contracts

10:00 Was expecting an engineer "first call after picking up parts 08:00 ish" .... now 10:00 called 0844 5796493 to be told it was an AM appointment for between 8am and 1pm and engineer was attending an emergency.... would have been nice to get a call to say he was not coming as could have gone out and done SOMETHING instead of sitting around for NOTHING Again a simple phonecall would have enabled me to make something of an otherwise wasted morning

City Technical, Unit 1, Block 16, Clydesmill Industrial Estate, Clydesmill Place, Glasgow, G32 8RE

Phone: 08000 639 649 / Email: / Gas Safe Number: 304963 / VAT Number: 624 4690 37 / Company Number: SC287172


#4 Updated Saturday 05 October 2013 : Top

09:30 Saturday, the engineer who was in attendance on Monday arrived with the spares, he is very knowledgable and is probably more approachable if you are a bloke than a woman (but "different strokes for different strokes") a new display board and a new main board for the boiler - fitted both efficiently and quickly, diagnosed a sticking non-return valve on our mains water feed too...

Sadly the boiler is flashing F9 as well as showing the pressure of the central heating side, this is sadly not how it should be... the problem with the board failing after a disconnection/connection cycle i not new to him and I was advised to turn the boiler off at the switch on the boiler, then the spur then the meter (I'll fit a protection plug like we have on our computer instead)

Glow Worm 24cxi G.C. No. 47-047-23
Glow Worm 30cxi G.C. No. 47-047-24
Glow Worm 38cxi G.C. No. 47-047-27

Error F9 in the manual for the boiler ( Document 0020013349-02.06.05 see HERE ) is

Code: F9 Description: Water pressure sensor fault /Possible Cause: Faulty sensor connection (strange since th display is showing the water pressure

So an appointment is made for Monday to fix it finally, he needs to ring up Glow worm who sadly don't hsve a technical helpline open on a Saturday

"There when you need us".... but not HERE where I AM with the kids sharing a sleeping bag while they watch TV


#3 Updated Thursday 03 October 2013 : Top

The man I spoke to said it would be the first call on saturday but then said he didn't know when that would be ("normally before 10am") but that I was to call back tomorrow (Friday) around 16:30... plans on hold for Saturday then.... but to be frank, after nearly a week without hot water, we might not be welcome anywhere there was not possessing good ventilation.... The saga continues....


The very nice Scottish lady was treated with deep respect, however I indicated that a visit after 19:00 tomorrow by someone else other than "moody man" might work well as a damage limitation exercise, she called back to say it could NOT be fitted tomorrow but could be fitted on Saturday (another lost/screwed-up AM or PM?) I needed to call 0844 5796493...

== ==

...I have had the afternoon off, by 17:00 I was getting concerned, called them to be told he would call us as he was running late. 18:35 was told by the callcentre he was still enroute to us, suggested to the call centre fella that the engineer was not doing SCOTTISHPOWER any favours....then shortly after got a call from a nice lady who told me when he had checked his 4 outstanding jobs at 18:00 ish he realised ours was not simply a labour only task (he had been into stores for parts at 07:30 and was given my job at 08:30.... maybe check what you need before agreeing to the job?)


#2 Monday 30th September 2013 : Top

... moody engineer arrived had a moan that "someone has been in here" (probably your commissioning engineer at the start of the contract and certainly not me gas + sparks? no no no!) and a moan about the fact it had burnt out.... all this to a non-technical lone female.... follow-up engineer call thus arranged for today PM (1-6PM)


#1 Sunday 29th September 2013 : Top

22:05 I called back, only to be told no record of the call @18:00.. marvelous .... call centre arranged engineer to attend on the 2nd PM (1-6pm)

18:00 called 24hr 0800 number told up to a 4hr call back,

Sunday PM, doing lighting work and not good at "hot working" so the turning power back on in the house killed our combi boiler (first time this happened after 20-25 odd isolations) no hot water & no heating

Enough? [please contact me if this helped you ]

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