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After realising NO ONE at ORANGE will tell you this information ( as far as I know), I simply wanted to try to get a delivery delayed as I had to leave the office and wanted to save the courier a wasted journey. ORANGE never told me delivery could be between 08:00 and 18:00 even when they confirmed the delivery address I gave them was a business!

ORANGE (in June 2009 at least), used MAIL UK couriers to deliver upgrades

Find your local office by going to

You WILL be on hold some time, YOU will experience a range of levels of helpfulness.....

Understand a couple of things:

#1 You will NOT get the couriers to deliver to ANOTHER address they will ALWAYS deliver to the consigned address unless ORANGE tell them otherwise

#2 There is NO guarantee the message will get through to the courier with your phone if he/she is already out on the road.... my message left with thier depot NEVER got to the courier and he turned up at 17:15 ( I left a message to say delivery AFTER 17:00 would be a waste of time to save him a wasteed journey..... lucky I got delayed!!!!)

#3 you might be able to get a message through to DEFER or RESCHEDULE delivery of your phone


Good luck!


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