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Windows XP: Stuck with a double row height taskbar and can't get it back down to one row?

If you are stuck with a double height taskbar in XP that looks like this (or the other way up)

the reason for this is that somehow you have dragged the quicklaunch or other taskbar row ABOVE or BELOW the other!

This situation is easily remedied by mouseover one of the sets of vertical dots until you get a <--> symbol, right click and drag the dotted region off to the side until you see only a single row of icons as below

The taskbar WILL NOT automatically reduce in size to one row again, you need to mouseover the top edge and then click and drag it down when you see the up/down arrow

If there are too many windows open and/or too many quicklauch icons you might not be able to show a single row, in that case close some Apps down or remove some quicklauch icons!

UPDATE 27/JULY/2013: I have just made my taskbar be able to minimise to ONE row by simply UNCHECKING all the taskbar options (below)

Be aware that the lock taskbar and other options on the taskbar menu might interfere with you getting back to one row of icons if you have be trying to sort this problem without really knowing how!

You can google for solutions for this problem if my cure doesn't match what is actually causing you your grief!

IMPORTANT UPDATE 12/AUGUST/2013: If the above does not work then check to see if you have BOTH dividers on top of each other, drag them apart...

There are TWO dividers here, the problem is they are both on top of each other, left click and hold on one when you see the double arrow and drag one over to recreate the two areas

From this:

To this:

then pull the top of the two row taskbar down to one!

I found this solution here:

Enough? [please contact me if this helped you ]

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