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SOLVED: Windows XP Remote NDIS RNDIS tethering connection issues Samsung Mobile Phone over USB - Remote NDIS RNDIS INF file not recognised

Tried all manner of things to sort this out, hotfixes from Microsoft, downloads of driversets! Every time I connected the phone to the laptop using a USB cable a dialogue box for the NDIS device appeared and even downloading the tetherxp.inf file from the Microsoft website achieved nothing, it was not recognised and windows failed to find any file that contained the correct information

When I installed SAMSUNG KIES (this was missing on this laptop but installed on the others) it still did not resolve the problem directly (KIES crashed when the usb troubleshooter was launched) but in looking through the files the install created, I noticed a file in the C:\Program Files\Samsung\Kies\USB Driver folder: SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones.exe

Ran this and BINGO!

When I plugged in the USB cable and tethered the correct driver then installed!.......

.....on sucesssful tethering I could find a new network connection and rename it to something meaningful !!!

Loading KIES for your samsung is worth it for the wireless thethering alone (google for SAMSUNG KIES and only download off of the SAMSUNG.COM website)

Enough? [please contact me if this helped you ]

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