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Thompson Speedtouch 585 on Be Bethere BeUnlimited ADSL2: Configuration

F**king around with my Be Box I seemed to have cocked it up bigtime, basically the DNS was slow even when connecting up on a 3G GSM Modem on a laptop connected either with wireless or LAN to the Be Box

I run a fixed IP setup and the BeBox has 3 active LAN ports and port 4 reserved for BeThere video

Your fixed IP is not the WAN IP!!!

The settings that work for me are as follows

Device: Thompson SpeedTouch 585

Device Configuration:
Region UK
Provider Be*
Service Static IP 3 Data Ports
Description Port 1, 2 and 3 for Internet connectivity and Port4 Bridge Video

Routed IPoEoA IP Configuration:
Static WAN IP address (secret!)
Wan NetMask (not the 248 is non standard!)
Gateway IP address (not your Be Box IP)

DNS Settings:
Primary DNS Server ( you could try OpenDNS
Secondary DNS Server ( you could try OpenDNS

HOWEVER These may not be totally correct for you!!!

Why the hell not just call up their FIRST CLASS SUPPORT! (0808 calls are free from landlines in the UK)

NON-Be Box? router modem settings for FIXED IPs ( xxx.xx yours) might be (best ask Be):

#1 The modem should be in static mode.

Static IP details:

IP address: Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
Primary DNS:**
Secondary DNS: 2**)
The connection type is RFC1483.
The Be service doesn't require authentication (no username and password).
The encapsulation is LLC based.
The modulation is G.dmt 992.5 (ADSL2+) Annex M.

Please bear in mind BeThere do not support third party hardware....

also consider that **openDNS settings might ( I say might) be quicker than these

Page updated: Monday, September 8, 2008

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