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Get text on loading XP: "failure: Create Service. err: 1072" and "Fail to load RTL8169 diagnostic driver"


Logging on to XP I saw these error boxes:

First this on OK, then this

and the problem goes away on OK

I am NOT using an RTL8169 PCI NIC card at present ( as above) but the same technology may be on board my MS-6728 motherboard as it has an onboard gigabit NIC

The same sequence of errors can be triggered by launching "C:\Program Files\MSI\LAN Utility\DiagAP8169.exe"

MSI LAN Utility / DiagnosticUtility (RTL8169/8110 LAN Utility)

My Ethernet is unused so I am unsure if the on-board RTL8169/8110 LAN adaptor works ok or not :)


#1 Uninstall it? (RTL8169/8110 LAN Utility)

If not? (if you need the utility for some reason???, I can still see my adaptor after uninstalling it)

Unistalling solved the problem, the end of the reinstall triggered the same error messages

#2 go to:


Search for 8169


RTL8110S-32/RTL8110SB(L)/RTL8169SB(L)/RTL8169SC(L) RTL8169

aim for the RTL810X/RTL8130/ RTL8139(A/B/C/D) PCI Series Drivers

>>>>> this was the file:

Run setup, reboot and the errors could be gone??????

Think it is all down to updated Realtek drivers and XP? Anyway I hope one of these options sorts it??? [contact me if this helped you ]


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