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Welcome to my bit of the interwebular doodad thing ... I hope you find these pages as entertaining as I do, there is little to find in terms of structure and form, really just information.....

I worked for Atkins Highways & Transportation for the 10 years to 2015, having returned to the real world after three years back in academia to do my PhD. I'm freelance now so, come on, make my day!

For details of my current work check out my LinkedIn page: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/drjohnbullas/

For all that is useful in online resources for the budding highway engineer check out my Academia.edu page here: http://wsatkins.academia.edu/DrJohnBullas

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FB's TOP TIPS to those taking a PhD:

Learn how to work Endnote, learn how to use MiniTab, Use Eudora as an email client [brilliant search function and very compliant], Firefox as a browser [ensure to backup your favourites], NEVER delete an email, Never throw away a reference ( it might be irrelevant now but might not be in a few months). BACKUP all your stuff regularly to DVD or CD and keep a copy SOMEWHERE OUT OF THE OFFICE [they can catch fire you know]. Don't trust USB dongles [99.5% uncorruptable is still 0.5% corruptable]. If you see an interesting figure in a journal or paper... scan it in colour at 300dpi for later. Make notes about papers and keep these together filed by subjects, add all the papers you find ANY relevance in to ENDNOTE [ learn how to use the EndNote connection function to make grabbing reference details easy, Connection files contain all the information necessary for EndNote to search and import references from a remote database.]

......NEVER claim to be THE expert in your field unless you want to be an expert witness in court and/or the whipping boy (or girl) for every egotist fixated with building their empire on the patch of ground where they think you are busy building yours.....when you take your learning head off you put your blinkers on!!!


[I am one of the IME webmasters when I have time!]

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I live in Hampshire, having moved "darn Sarf" from "Oop North" once already in 1987, went back up to buy cheap beer in 1995, stayed until the prices increased in Chorley to make living by the seaside an economically viable proposition again....

I researched a most interesting topic area for my PhD: the early life frictional characteristics of road surfaces. Please call me an anorak or a geek, I think once you know enough about a subject to either scare or bore people to death, the epithet "anorak" is something I am quite proud of! Dr. Nick Hounsell (Reader in Highways and Transport) is my Supervisor on this epic journey.

Reporting on this research took me back to New Zealand for the First International Conference on Surface Friction of Roads and Runways, held in Christchurch New Zealand from 1st to 4th May 2005 and got me (will get me) in front of a load of Tyre Technologists at the Annual Tire Technology Expos TTI 2004 | TTI 2005 and | TTI2006 .Ii first worked in New Zealand in 2004 for Fulton Hogan as part of the training programme for their "Holistic Approach to Surface Treatment".

If you have an interest in my "slippery when dry" research AND are interested in delivering a balanced viewpoint on this most sensitive of subjects...... email me

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Check my Academia.Edu page here for the latest output

A skirmish with datamining the STATS19 database for 1979-1999

The 150 page plus report for the AA Motoring Trust: FDN34 is downloadable here [4.67MB] or the 12 page summary [799k].

Paper at Surface Friction 2005 "Slippery when DRY? Low dry friction and binder rich road surfaces": here (NB: this paper had not been refereed when uploaded)

#4 A response [here as PDF] to an article in "Accident Analysis & Prevention" (this may need an Athens login to access or you may have to be accessing the net via a recognised academic IP address)

Past Mentions in [Surveyor in 2002] [2003] [2004] [2004(2)] & [2005]

Past Mentions in [Highways & Transportation in 1998] (SightGRIP Report) and [Transportation Professional in 2003]

New Scientist in [2003] & [2004]

Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology [1990]

Motoring & Leisure [1998]

I did a lot of presentations in return for contributions to my research database!

From the Mini angle a few more: AutoExpress [1998] & MiniWorld [1998]

So... what did I spending my time getting "all unnecessary" over..... ?

My Work johnbullas' My Work photoset

....The Early Life Friction Characteristics of Road Surfaces | Top | Back

Traditional bituminous road surfaces (wearing course/ surface course) rely on rolled-in or scattered and embedded chippings for their skid resistance, more recent "negative texture" thin surfacings use high specification aggregate throughout their thickness and can include additives and fibres to give the resistance to rutting and reduced degree of compaction that are great plus points in the long term.(figure left is from Ian Walsh's paper in The Surveyor Journal).

HOWEVER: exposing aggregate covered in these relatively thick binder films may lead to extended periods where the tyre is not immediately in contact with the aggregate, instead it can potentially be masked by these thick binder films. The binder films mayalso act as a lubricant to the tyre if sufficient temperature is generated between the tyre and the road to POSSIBLY melt the binder. Welcome to the land of SLIPPERY WHEN DRY!

But DRY friction has never been considered an issue on roads that are not contaminated and WET friction can easily be measured and treatments applied to restore it. The UK Trunk roads and quite a chunk of non-Trunk principal routes in the UK are already routinely tested against investigatory levels of wet friction (more)

DRY friction is routinely measured by the Police at the scene of a fatal or near-fatal accident using SkidMan (more)

The figure 4 below is reproduced from Peter Roe's presentation at the ITAI (Inst. of Traffic Acc. Invs.) Conference in 2003 (more- Word file)

The Dutch already place warning signs ("New Surface: Long Braking Distance" photo by JJ Fafie from DWW (more) ) on their new Porous Asphalt motorway surfaces and test for dry friction after 4 months against a minimum required level of DRY coefficient of friction.

DWW identified a problem with new Porous Asphalt in the mid 1990s and studied its properties in depth: it delivered the best wet friction at the same time as low DRY friction, so one test was not a good indicator of the other.

My work investigated the past history of dry friction accidents on HRA and other "traditional" materials, studies of the early life characteristics of UK roads, a collation of incidents associated with the modern "negative textured" thin surfacings AND Collaborative activities with Police and Local Authorities to better understand the present situation.

PDF of New Zealand Paper: "Slippery when DRY? Low dry friction and binder rich road surfaces", is here



I have been lucky enough to "get published" in the past: here is the list (good to January 15, 2016) not all these were formally published but all are in the public domain.....

Bullas, J. C. (1998). "The BBA assessment of SightGRIP coloured aggregate." Highways and Transportation 45(1/2): 19-21.

Bullas, J. C. (2004). Road Surfaces and Reducing Accidents: A Review. Report FDN34. Farnborough, Hampshire, AA Motoring Trust / County Surveyors Society.

Bullas, J. C. (2005). "Accident analysis and prevention 37 (2005)." Accident Analysis and Prevention 37(5): 972.

Bullas, J. C. (2005). "Getting a grip on early life skid resistance (letter to the Editor)." Transportation Professional(09.2005): pp10.

Bullas, J. C. (2005). Slippery when DRY? Low dry friction and binder rich road surfaces. Surface Friction 2005, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Bullas, J. C. (2005). Slippery when DRY? Low dry friction and binder rich road surfaces (update). Institution of Traffic Accident Investigators Conference 2005, Dunblane.

Bullas, J. C. (2006). Negative texture gets a dry response (letter to the Editor). Surveyor: 12.

Bullas, J. C. (2006). Observations on Negative Textured Bituminous Road Surface (NTS) Low Dry Friction. Proceedings of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) 2006 T&DI Airfield and Highway Pavement Specialty Conference, Atlanta.

Bullas, J. C. and P. G. Roe (1992). The relationship between skidding resistance, polishing resistance and traffic on heavily trafficked roads, Working Paper WP/MC/45/92, Transport Research Laboratory.

Veldhuis, I. (2004). Unpublished Translation for J C Bullas of: Leusink (2000):"Nieuwe meetmethode voor de aanvangsstroefheid van ZOAB". Southampton, University of Southampton.

Research is complete:

  1. Simulated Loss of Control trials summer 2006
  2. Highways agency sponsored extended infrared spectrometry of the locked tyre braking event
  3. MiniTab statistical analysis of a database of 300+ Skidman time series events is ongoing!!!!! Analyssis includes the influence of vehicle speed, test vehicle, surface condition, surface type, data source etc

ABOVE LEFT : Model fitted to the mean sliding friction /deceleration recorded in 300+ SkidMan events. The classfiers "Damp" and "Dry" are synonymous "Wet" is significantly different.

ABOVE RIGHT: Internally calculated values: Maximum deceleration / Average Deceleration Average Deceleration by BRAKING/TEXTURE/SURFACE CONDITION Group

ABOVE: Visually confirmed limits/values: Maximum deceleration / Average SLIDING Deceleration by BRAKING/TEXTURE/SURFACE CONDITION Group

Bullas?.... Where?, What?, How? | Top | Back

Belén Sánchez who lives in Bullas tells me: "Bullas" comes from latin "bulla",which means "bubble of water" (it refers to some springs here). from Latin bulli-re, from bulla, bubble.

Another meaning? Medieval Latin bulla, "a document."

Where is Bullas?: here is a zoomable Via Michelin map


I last visited Bullas in 1992 and intend to go back there with Helen Soon!!!

On BULLAS: (cached from: http://www.sole.org.uk/sussex.htm )

For BULLAS, Reaney (A Dictionary of British Surnames) gives John De LaBulhouse (Hampshire 1224), Henry De Bolus (Derbyshire 1327), William Bolehouse (Somerset 1327), Tomas Bulluse (Shef­field 1478), etc. and explains the meaning of the surname as 'one employed at the bull-house'. This fails to take account of the present geographical distribution of the name in and around Sheffield and its frequent appearances in the early Sheffield parish registers. The surname seems to be derived from the hamlet of Bullhouse. The place-name is still pronounced BULLAS locally, like the surname, and it was written in the form BULLOUS in 1574. The meaning may be either bull-house or bole­house, i.e. a place where iron was smelted, but it is unlikely that the surname was attached to 'one em­ployed at the bull-house'. Rather it was probably attached to the family that resided here. The attribution is more specific than Reaney suggested. Thanks to Belén Sánchez for this

My previous/parallel EMPLOYMENT lives

July 2006 - April 2015 Atkins Highways & Transportation

Summer 2005: Sponsored by Fulton Hogan to present a Paper at Surface Friction 2005: http://www.surfacefriction.org.nz/_surface.asp?load=2005papers also took part in the surface friction correlation exercise with my TurnKey Instruments SkidMan.

PDF of NZ paper here (NB: this paper had not been refereed when uploaded)

Summer 2004: Fulton Hogan Visiting Fellow in Road Safety Research. Fulton Hogan New Zealand. Document review, Research activities (Watercutting & GripTester), Transit NZ SCRIM+ data analysis, Training as part of the Fulton Hogan Holistic Approach to Road Surface Treatments.

Summer 2003: Vacation work including Consulting Engineer (Friction) for Dynatest (UK) working with the Pavement Friction Tester (more)
2001-2003: research jointly funded by the AA Foundation for Road Safety Research (more) and the CSS (formerly the County Surveyors Society more)

The 150 page plus report FDN34 is here [4.67MB also downloadable from this server here] or the 12 page summary [799k also downloadable from this server here]

2000-2003: Sol-Eu-Net IST-1999-11495 Slovenian Data Mining, part of the AA project

http://soleunet.ijs.si/website/other/final_report/html/WP5-s5.html | PDF archive copy | Project Summary (PDF)

2000: Returned to college following serious illness: Access to Computer Programming

2000-1996: R&D and Technical Sales for Hoben Industrial Minerals working on their SightGRIP BBA Assessed Coloured High Friction Aggregate (more). I was responsible for the first BBA assessment of the colour performance of a coloured high-friction aggregate (more). I assume they are still producing it to comply with the results obtained back then ;).

1996--1995: Process Minerals Sales Manager for DSF (Refractory Minerals for high temperature brickmaking (more)


1995-1987 Higher Scientific Officer at TRL, working on aggregate tests (AAV, PSV, MicroDeval, LAA, Magnesium Sulphate Soundness) , road surface characteristics and testing (SCRIM, HSTM, MTM), whole life costing of roads and the relationship between traffic flow aggregate properties and skid resistance. (more). TRG now have the Prof. John Wootton (former Chief Executive of TRL) as the Rees Jeffreys Professor in Transport Planning.

My previous EDUCATION lives | Top | Back

2003-2007: Transportation Research Group, University of Southampton PhD Researcher

2000: City & Guilds Access Course in Visual Basic and C++ Programming at Runshaw College ( Where I did my A levels in 1983-84!) (more)
1991-1988 Day release MSc at the University of Surrey - Geotechnical Engineering (more). Including modules taught by Chris Clayton, now Director of Research
& Head of Research Division for the Dept of Civil & Environmental Engineering here at Southampton! (more)
1987-1984 University of Liverpool - Department of Earth & Ocean Sciences (more). BSc Honours Geology 2ii. £ years punctuated with a year off due to meningococcal meningitis, an inflammation of the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord (more). I got this before it was a fashionable thing for undergrads to catch!

My Out of Hours life Music Reading Pets Comedy | Top | Back

My Running Photo Commentary!........ http://www.flickr.com/photos/johnbullas/sets/ why waste a resource like a digital camera?

March/April '05: Marriage and Honeymoon in NYC to my darling Helen!

August 2005: Atlanta & Chattanooga!

Spending a few Days in Tokyo,

Tokyo & Japan 2004 johnbullas' Tokyo & Japan 2004 photoset


Aug 2004 - 8-9 weeks in New Zealand, OZ and Japan variously working for Fulton Hogan in Christchurch NZ , Enjoying the sightseeing in NZ,

Being a Mount Fuji Tourist and generally working hard and playing hard. A big thank you to the internet for providing a means of finding my summer job in NZ, hooking up with a lot of Mini Nuts in NZ and OZ and a spectacular mini day with Helen in Tokyo courtesy of Mikio Mori!!!! I proposed to Helen before takeoff from Tokyo back to the UK!!!


You might see some similarity between the FH logo above and the hat worn by Onslow here from "Keeping Up Appearances", The actor that played Onslow, Geoffrey Hughes, also played Eddy Yates of Coronation Street and seemingly enough visited NZ on a promotional tour and was given a FH hat by a FH Manager.....

I'm Webmaster of the Mini Internet Encyclopedia (IME), 350+ pages of stuff about Classic Minis.


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I like using .htaccess to control the behaviour of sites, this can limit access by blocking IPs by name or range, deliver custom 404 messages and control indexing or page delivery. HOWEVER this can be read as "hacking" by your webhost as you can override the settings made in the root directory

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I was Webmaster for the 2004 International Mini Meet in Norfolk http://www.imm2004.org

I am the Listowner of several Yahoo!Groups including Minilist, BMW-MINI-Cooper Java-Script-World - and moderator of ms_excel and skodalovers Co-founder and moderator of the autox mini-list

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My own webpages fall under the blanket banner of "Fatblokeracing" (more) which is now well over the 250 page mark. It includes a few useful I.T. tips in passing, and a bit of Javascript for the likes of me.... It is mainly a mish-mash of stuff BUT it does have a lot on it about Minis! (more) . It gets sort of regularly spring cleaned, the latest page with Italian Job Ring Tones is now a 750 pixel side format not 95% of screen



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is an eclectic mix of Helens Violin and Viola, Minuit (NZ), Gong, Jethro Tull, Marillion, Thomas Dolby......

MINUIT: "Suave as Sin"

This Mortal Coil: "Song of the Siren"

It'll all end in tears

Thomas Dolby: "She Blinded Me With Science"


"Aliens Ate my Buick"

There was one room in the house that was always kept locked.. THE GARAGE!.

Jethro Tull: "Heavy Horses"

Really don't mind if you sit this one out my words but a whisper in deafness they shout. I may make you feel but I can't make you think..


"Radio Gnome Invisible"

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Banana, nirvana, mañana (you know)
Banana, nirvana, mañana (I know)
Banana, nirvana, mañana (we know)
Banana, nirvana, mañana (who know




MINUIT: "Fuji"

MINUIT are touring the UK in 2006!


More?: http://www.minuit.co.nz/

The 88:

Djordj – [george]

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one cools me down, the other leaves me cold.

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"Working Man":

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They call me the workin’ man
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It seems to me
I could live my life
A lot better than I think I am
I guess that’s why they call me
They call me the workin’ man

They call me the workin’ man
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Well they call me the workin’ man
I guess that’s what I am

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.....is pretty limited after a day poring over "Highways and Transportation", "Asphalt Today" and "Readers Drives" (a magazine where you send in pictures of the deferred set macadam the local pikeys laid 10mm thick outside your garage last week)....

Private Eye is Funny, Fortean Times is cool...

We have accumulated a vast number of paperbacks and several of them are getting a good fingering in the toilet....

......In terms of the heavyweights go for The B&Q "You Can Do" it book...This book is so big I couldn't even fit a scan of it on my page...

You might also take a look at Flattened Fauna (it makes me grin.. just like "Latin for even more Occasions", "The Complete Hypochondriac", "Drunken Goldfish and Other Irrelevant Scientific Research", "Knitting with Dog Hair" (bought this for the girlfriend of an asthmatic.

Charity shops yield a lot of useless stuff on the book front... never under-estimate SCOPE or OXFAM

New Scientist is always worth a browse for the latest in æsoteric research

The book list is quite extensive and our lounge bookcase is groaning under stuff like "The Pond I Know" My Dads 1942 birthday present and "Marvels and Mysteries of Science" (from the 1930s) a wicked Odhams book that states "if the mid point of an iron rod a mile long were to be placed just touching the surface of the sea, the ends of the rod would be x inches above the surface of the water (sadly they didn't consider the torsion on 1/2 mile of steel rod created by gravity!!!

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We are proud to be the 24/7 servants of Borris ( Off-topic semi-pedigree Chartreuse on left a.k.a. "Fang" ) and Bianca (semi-tabby hissing thing) both members of Litter Tray Racing | More Cat Photos

We also possess a guinea pig (Felicity) on the off chance of a visit from a peckish Peruvian exchange student

The cats are sacred after Bryan Buzby got despatched by the 21:45 from Waterloo one night! He is sleeping under the snowdrops....


My Comedy | Top | Back

I absolutely adore Red Dwarf, The League of Gentlemen, Father Ted, Blackadder (you get the idea?) and absolutely hate the gallons of crap pumped out that can only be loosely described as Comedy by those producing it...

..Anything that lasts less than 2 series and has a token "severely disabled person" in it (just to be politically correct..... they invariably use the person to deliver the end to a sketch or to provide a token gesture of agreement with a plot line) .... I am very pro-disability but disagree with exploiting those in the disabled community lucky enough to be able to act in "cameo" roles that should be reserved for faded Northern comedians approaching death (whether filmed in their underpants or not).

There are a lot better roles that will do a lot more for the standing of disabled actors in the world than a life of one liners and silly expressions.Alternative Comedy? find me something I don't like.....

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Publications and past projects | Top | Back

Check out my Academia.edu page for latest arisings!

Worked with Les Tubey and Peter Roe in collection of network SMTD data and some analysis of STATS19 data for:

RR296 - The relation between the surface texture of roads and accidents. 1991 P G Roe, D C Webster, G West

Used Scrimtex/SCRIM along with Local Authority/TMC information to extend the correlation of SFC/MSSC PSV and CVD for traffic flows in excess of 3200 CVD (LR 510 limit): this required the collection and analysis of over 450 km of MSSC/PSV/Site Category/CVD data, providing data base and initial analysis for:

TRL322 - The polished Stone Value of aggregates and in-service skidding resistance P G Roe, S A Hartshorne.

a development of...

WP/MC/45 : The relation between skidding resistance, polishing resistance and traffic on heavily trafficked roads Bullas,JC Roe,PG

Datum marking and subsequent data collection/analysis for a number of MSSC / SMTD monitoring sites using HSTM and SCRIM/SCRIMTEX nationwide (Hull, M1, A59, A34, a30 etc....) for novel surfacing (Ecopave / Porous Asphalt) and re-texturing trials.

Extensive Lab based research backed by data from test laboratories nationwide leading to:

TRRL RR284 - Specifying clean, hard and durable aggregate for bitumen macadam roadbase. 1991, J C Bullas, G West (Reference 2)


Check out my Academia.edu page for latest arisings!

1) Modification Of The Formula Used In The Determination Of The Ten Per Cent Fines Value Of Aggregate Bullas, JC TRRL, UK Quarterly Journal Of Engineering Geology Geological Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, W1V 0JU 1990 V23 N04 P187-8 ISSN 0481-2085 [PDF]

2) WP/MC/10 : A Relation Between The Aggregate Abrasion Test And The Micro-Deval Test Bullas,JC (Unpublished TRL Working Paper) Released: 1990 Ltd Circ: 'None'

3) WP/MC/15 : A Method Of Determining The Polished Stone Value Of Pre-Coated Chippings Bullas,JC (Unpublished TRL Working Paper) Released: 1990 Ltd Circ: 'None' RC: GROUP/DIV: HWG/MC

4) Specifying Clean, Hard And Durable Aggregate For Bitumen Macadam Roadbase Bullas, JC TRRL West, G TRRL TRRL Research Report Transport And Road Research Laboratory, Old Wokingham Road, Crowthorne, Berkshire RG11 6AU 1991 Nrr 284 19p ISSN 0266-5247

5) WP/MC/45 : The Relation Between Skidding Resistance, Polishing Resistance And Traffic On Heavily Trafficked Roads

Bullas,JC Roe,PG (Unpublished TRL Working Paper)
Released: 1992 Ltd Circ: 'None' PR: H3/6D Polished Stone Value Customer: Highways Engineering Division, DOT (Mr. J Mercer) RC: GROUP/DIV: HWG/MC

6) The BBA Assessment Of SightGRIP Coloured Aggregate [PDF] [HTML version]
Bullas, JC Hoben Ind. Minerals Ltd, UK
Highways & Transportation Institution Of Highways & Transportation 6 Endsleigh Street London, WC1H 0DZ 1998-01/02 V45 N1/2 P19-21,23 ISSN 0265-6868

Peter Ljubic, Ljupco Todorovski, Nada Lavrac, John C Bullas. Proceedings of the IS-2002 conference on Data Mining October 2002, Jozef Stefan Institute, Jamova 39, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija (PDF)

Branko Kavšek, Nada Lavrac, John C Bullas. Proceedings of the IS-2002 conference on Data Mining October 2002, Jozef Stefan Institute, Jamova 39, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija [PDF]

"Road Surfaces and Reducing Accidents: A Review"

Bullas, JC (2004). Report FDN34 AA Motoring Trust, Farnborough / County Surveyors Society (2004)[PDF][4.67MB Report also downloadable from this server here] or the 12 page summary [799k also downloadable from this server here]

"Slippery when DRY? Low dry friction and binder rich road surfaces":

Bullas, JC (2005). Paper presented at the First International Conference on Surface Friction for Roads and Runways, Christchurch NZ 1-4 May 2005.PDF here

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